Viva la anarquí@!

Welcome to my first ever blog post on Anarchy Planet, this is going to be pretty sweet. The plan  is for this to be a dreamy cornucopia of sorts,  including  – but not limited to critiques and reviews of anarchist journals, zines, art, music, and books. Occasionally, there will also be some homemade writing from yours truly, like short stories and other explorations of experience.

Looking forward to it, and always welcome constructive feedback.


The salutary words of the machine, and the fresh air of the street made the worker think. He felt a world collapse within his mind: those of his prejudices, of his preoccupations, of his regard and devotion for tradition and for laws. Shaking his fist, he yelled:

“I am an anarchist! Long live Land and Liberty!”

– an excerpt from The Worker and the Machine by Ricardo Flores Magón