anarchy on the radio: playlist #4 ‘n #7

Having a radio show can be a lot of work, if you really spend time on it, plan stuff out, make it amazing, and make romantic attempts at execution. It takes time, and lots of (ex)work[ers] – here are two playlists from my shows. The talking, the randomness, the part that really makes it radio, and all that jazz have been left out… Yes, here are only the playlists [words on a screen] – and some good links to help out. It would be really cool to see a weekly anarchist radioshow of sorts, experiment podcast/radio (over Internet), here is a small contribution towards something like that, ideas. Please feel free to comment and suggest requests, or something you think worth giving a listen… thanks in advance.

radioshow #7

song #…song…artist(s)
1. rat race – Bigg Higg
2. imagine that – Illogik
3. freedom songs – Illogik
4. kiss me thru tha phone remix – Testament
5. sledgehammer – Invincible
6. shapeshifters – Invincilbe
7. ropes – Invincible featuring Tiobe Lockhart
8. locusts – Invincible and Finale
9. the town – Macklemore
10. change is constant – Son of Nun

[11. home made maps – Larcenist
12. gratitude and thanks – Mischief Brew] – didn’t actually play these last two songs, maybe next time.

– fyi about some language on radio in #8, 9, & 10 – for radio needs to be edited if you do in fact ever use them. i must say this is one of the toughest parts, because some songs rule, but just can’t be played on radio, unless edited according to FCC standards. (or you do the pirate action)

The above radio show was one of my all time favorites so far, out of 4 previous seasons of shows, things seem to get a little better with time and practice. This show was hip hop focused, but other shows have been a mixture of sorts of all genres of music, especially punk rock and foreign stuff (as in not from the USA).

radioshow #4:

song #…song…artist(s)
1. hip hop lives – KRS-ONE
2. unknown – DJ D’Boys
3. american revolution* – Anonimo Consejo
4. junto en boca* – Anonimo Consejo
5. oye* – Randee Akozta
6. yuma* – Las Krudas
7. madre naturaleza – Las Krudas
8. en mi cuba – Obsesion
9. hip hop comunicar* – Mika Flow
10. super sauve* – Telmary
11. jovenes* – Jovenes*
12. liberate – F-Dren con Pipeademan
13. black september* – Salvaje Decibel
14. rainin’ in paradise – Manu Chao

* unfortunately, i don’t know the real names, so i just made stuff up from words in the songs, i know it’s bad, but it helps identify them at least

This show was themed upon hip hop Cubano (songs #2-10) with three songs (#11-13) from Chile. A lot of the Cuban stuff can be found online for free (plays on the page) at You can check out artist bios and stuff there too, it definitely has some my favorites from La Habana on there.

Perhaps, I will post some more playlists at a later date as well, but more shows to come for sure. And just so everyone knows, just because this is titled “anarchy on the radio” doesn’t necessarily mean that the above musicians are anarchists, I just like their music, but who knows maybe they are.