top five songs for 2k9′

2009 has come to a close, and while I would have liked to get this list out before the final countdown – some technical difficulties started off the year with just enough spice, to remind me of how frustrating computers can really be sometimes. Here is to a 2010 free of such issues, problems, and other situations that you would have liked to avoid. And here is to knowing that sometimes such problems are unavoidable and you just have to lower your head and power through! Oh well…

Here are my top five songs for 2009, to help meander through all the crazyiness and negativity that can often sap away the life. This is just a quick list, and the specific songs – may not actually be from 2009 – but, they are songs for 2009, that I liked. This is not actually a true list in the sense that, there are probably a bunch of songs I really liked during this past year – but, here is some attempt at putting together something meaningful and close.

#5.) Ratatat – Mirando (youtube)

Tough to forget… 2009 was a pretty fycked up year. Wars all over the world – not that this is anything new – it just seems to be getting a little more ridiculous each year. This song, goes out to all of that craziness [excellent analysis i know].

#4.) Mayflower (myspace) – I want to Live

“wake up, before you wake up dead”

Meanwhile, these kids want to live. Simple, catchy, pop punk from Upstate, New York – these folks know how to make me want to dance. Kind of funny, because I can’t recall a song with more catch phrases in it than this one. Alas:


Interesting to note, this band has a different song about a mutual friend of ours who has passed away (yes, it’s okay to include friends in top five year review). When I first heard the song with a bunch of other friends around, I think we all shed some tears. Warm nostalgia and fond memories all around.

#3.) Jeff Rowe (myspace) – an island’s point of view

“from an island point of view,
i’m doing just as good as i ever was,
i’ve got a love that makes me weap,
i’ve got friends that are more than blood”

Jeff Rowe writes some of my favorite songs. I first met him some years ago, when I was out shoveling snow out of my drive way. He was in town to play a house show at a friends. To this day, this was one of my favorite shows (i don’t go to many shows, but enough to know this one was special). Super nice dude, with a ton of songs – so it was rather difficult to choose one, but I figured I’d make it easy and pick one that is up on the Internet [for now].

“i made a short list, and that’s fine, i never wanted much”

#2.) Keny Arkana – 5ème soleil (youtube)

For a few weeks here, all I could listen to was this song. I’m not big on the French language – but, this video has Spanish subtitles – so, you can dig what is being said, if that is your thing. I really enjoy the guitar part in this live version of the song.

#1.) From the Depths – Last Transmission (band page, yay!)

Probably one of my favorite albums (Germinate) of the year as well – From the Depths also holds the number one song spot in my book. Seriously, this song gets cranked every time it is played. One thing that I really like about it, is the mixture of English and Spanish language in a song. I’m not to much into harder music, but this is an exception because it is sooo good!

“Wars that never end, and revolutions that never begin
But we can win”