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la habana
Anarchist Library in Cuba

I’d like to share a special note of interest regarding Cuba. In the text Our men and women in Havana (are requesting good, published material) it mentions a recent conference, Observatorio Crítico de Cuba, that took place on the island and was hosted by Cátedra Haydeé Santamaría. In the article above it mentions something that should be really interesting to see where it goes and how it works – an anarchist library opening in the capital of La Habana:

In other news from Havana, companeros have been spending the last few months preparing a space in which to open an anarchist library, and it is expected to be ready imminently. Within this space rests the hope that the memory of Cuba’s hugely influential libertarian workers’ movement in the first 60 years of the 20th century might be recuperated and rescued from the hands of erasure and manipulation at the hands of the state.

The companeros have requested more published material – especially in Spanish – to fill their shelves. If you feel that you might be able to send something, please PM me or email me via my Libcom profile. source

Of course, you have the Anarchist Library with an amazing amount of printable zines to pursue. However, having lived in Cuba for a while myself – I must say finding a decent printer can be really difficult. Maybe things have changed, but I’m guessing, unfortunately… no.

Anyways, just wanted to pass along this quick note. Saludos!

Viva la ilusion!

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