Falling in Love Again

Oh, for you ever so serious and on time blog readers, it has been some time since I last posted anything. I’m still here and still alive, and still not turning my back on the things I love. Just sometimes, you know… life gets in the way of things and the day-to-day gets a little more complicated. This is a fact, but something I’m working on to refute and become much more awesome.

That are some very inspiring projects out there in my eyes. And it is with great awe and inspiration that I follow them, if you will – in turn someday building off my own. Ready made projects? For sure. Ready to make my own projects happen? Ohhh, for sure (someday soon!).

You may ask yourself now, why Rocinante are you writing this blog post? Well, to be honest – I’m not really sure myself, but I will digress. I live in a small city in the lovely eastern United States of America, with some friends, where we are doing being. This weekend, for the first time in a long time, I was able to doing being back home, to the place where I will forever call my home. It is a very special place and on top of that my dog lives here. Well, not really my dog, because I think the concept of “my” means owning something, and I definitely don’t own my dog. Although, he is pretty much the love of my life. Being at home, where I’ve grown up for the last twenty plus years or so [yes, I’m not too young, but not too old] makes me feel – well, wonderful.

And this is not to say that my current residence isn’t wonderful, or as Tiqqun may say “the conditions are excellent” there – it is just full of distractions and realness that causes me to lose myself amongst the stuffiness. Being at home in the middle of the beautiful country – alone – well, this is something I can handle and build off of. Here my productivity soars like no other. A tip for all of you who are finding yourself distracted.

So Internet world, why I’m I writing this? To be honest, I’m not really sure. But, feel like it may be a nice chance to comment on life. What have I been up too?

One interesting little project that my brother and I (yes, my real brother – and not some “brother” friend if you will) embarked upon last month was that each day of October we wrote a haiku. I’ve been trying to write more, and my current work demands that I write a ton, but about things that I’m not necessarily interested in. So, writing just three lines everyday seems small, but in reality – it was great – and something I was able to do across the world with someone I love. After all, work brings us all to different spots in the world, although – I must say my goal is to stay here. Whatever that encompasses, it is not easy – but something that means the most to me. Anyways, I plan on putting all our haikus about our everyday life together into something beautiful. A very simple small project idea if you will.

What book I’m I most excited about reading? It has to be The Strait by Fredy Perlman, which takes place in the Great Lakes region of North America. In all openness, this is where I’m from and live, and how amazingly surprised I was to open the book and find that Perlman, who also happens to be my favorite author of all time, writes about the little old city I live in currently. It just makes the book that much closer to home. Anyways, it is a big one – and I don’t foresee myself finishing it, or even starting it for sometime, with everything else going on – but when I do, the review will come as well.

And much much more. Anyways, just a small little note to you dear reader. I realize not only do friends read this, but people I would not consider my friend as well. Although, I do realize – I’m not secret or really anonymous – people know who I am and I have made it this way. I’m not super secret and never intended to be such. My somewhat, but not really anonymous nature stems from other factors, mainly employment and what I do for a living (what you mean you don’t dumpster dive for money and food?!!!!!). So, with that – I will stop my somewhat personal rave and continue on the doing being that is my night here, falling in love again.

Wishing friends the best. Saludos.