October 3rd
doing dirty dishes downstairs
i would like to make dinner but
all the dishes are dirty

Haiku the World

Goodness gracious, world – it has been sometime since the last, hasn’t it? Let’s no pretend you didn’t miss me (or did you!). Well, there were some things in-between – here for a moment, but then gone in a flash. And, lots of other things have been happening here and throughout the world, as you may know. What can I say? October is here. A bit about my life.

One small step, and an even smaller step now online. Last October, I challenged my brother to a Fun-a-day-esce situation, where we would each write one haiku a day. The result was a lot of haikus and a moment in time captured on paper. For some perspective, the blockquote at the beginning is the one I wrote exactly one year ago today. I enjoyed it immensely because for one reason it challenged me to write everyday, no matter how small. It was also done with a pen and notebook and there is something about it that seems easier and often more appealing. Although, of course – I later entered it into my computer keyboard. Ideally, someday this will be something beautiful.

Of course, these may not actually be real haikus in the traditional sense of the term. Often lacking the natural frame of reference and perhaps even not abiding fully by 5-7-5. These haiku’s speak of a care for close attention, but are not afraid to break the rules and step across some boundaries. Jack Kerouac’s Book of Haikus also seems to follow a similar regard for the rules in some parts.

October 4th
some people are really friendly
some other people are not so much
they hide their feelings

And on, and on…

Anyways, time is quick here and I’ll keep this post short for now. For the future, perhaps I will stay in better touch here.

Until then,

Warmest greetings.